Winter Home Inspections

Is your roof ready for winter?

Most professionals recommend that a residential roof be inspected twice a year, in Spring and Fall. It’s better to catch problems while they’re small, before they turn into big, nasty, expensive repairs. When fall ends the sleet & snow of the upstate of SC starts. Be ready this winter.
While some homeowners might not want to spend the money for a professional inspection twice a year, as an alternative you could have your roof professionally inspected the first time and then maybe every two years thereafter. During the interim you can perform visual inspections in Spring and Fall to look for any obvious warning signs of deterioration.

What it takes to Winterize your Roof.

Our specialists follow a proven method to inspecting and preparing a roof for the brutal winter. First is always safety, then an outdoor visual inspection – this may include climbing the roof for close inspections. Finally a inside inspection is preformed to confirm the durability and endurance of your roof. If doing it yourself, keep our tips in mind, and write down any areas of concern, to view tips visit our Frequestly Asked Questions page.

Oleg is our General Manager & Roof/Stucco Specialist, with over 10 years of Stucco/EIFS experience & 6 years of Roofing experience, he’s someone you can trust.