Our Full Roofing Installation Process.

Moisture Barrier

Moisture barrier will be applied above or beneth other underlayments as needed. Moisture barrier is important to roof insulation which prevents condensation occurring on interior surfaces causing mold, mildew & rot.

Felt Paper & Cap Nails

Roofing felt paper will be apple directly on to existing and replaced roof decking & fastened with cap nails. Felt paper is a waterproof fiberglass with an asphaltic tar compound which provides durability and protection.

Ridge Vents & Shingles

Ridge vents & shingles will be installed along roof peeks to help create a flow & escape of warm air. Ridge vents enable an attic to breathe as humid air escapes, this will insure a roof system’s health & years of protection.

Gutters System

Existing gutter systems to be cleaned and inspected to promote proper drainage. If existing gutter system requires serious repair or replacement homeowner will receive a detailed assessment with following estimate.

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Of 3 quotes, Exterior Specialists gave best explanation of work to be done, seemed least interested in bilking insurance, AND gave the lowest quote. Work done was fine, clean up was great, and followup was very helpful. Strongly recommend Exterior Specialists. – Tracey S. from Greenville, SC

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