Our step by step process to getting started.

We are focused on providing helpful resources to even the customers of our very own competitors.
The goal is to set the standard in the roofing industry and provide affordable & quality service to every homeowner.

1. Answer your Questions

Do you have questions about choosing a contractor, roof installation, etc.? Before committing to an estimate or insurance claim, try answering the questions that keep you from making a clear & educated decision. Do your research and use our resource of frequently asked questions to help point you in the right direction.

2. Get an Inspection & Consultation

We’ll meet with you at your convenience to discuss what’s best for you, what works with your budget or insurance policy, answer all your questions and give you a detailed, written estimate. We’ll inspect not only your roof but also other areas where damage or ware may have occurred. Simply select from one of our free estimate forms.

3. File an Insurance Claim

Now that your questions are answered & roof inspected. Make the call to your insurance agency to have them meet directly with us. We work seamlessly with many of the top & local insurance agencies. Find out how to file a claim& view roof related insurance scams & fraud.

4. Finalizing the Agreement

Now that an estimate is submitted and an insurance claim is filed, one of our specialists will help you finalize the agreement. We will quickly & safely start and finish the project to leave you satisfied with a professional installation and/or repair. View our agreement, policies, and other documentation.
Meet with us for a free consultation.