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Severe storms this year throughout South Carolina have damaged homes, cars, and businesses. The links to the right go into greater detail about dates, locations, and damage checklists for hail and wind storms in the Upstate SC area in 2010.
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Understand How to File an Insurance Claim.

How To File a Roof Insurance Claim

  • Contact a reputable roofing company that is familiar with insurance claims. Most credible companies will agree to repair or replace your roof for what the insurance company agrees to pay for the job plus your deductible. If they are willing to do it for less, especially when damage repair work is plentiful right now, it might mean they are forced to sell on price alone, and could be an indication of quality or cash-flow problems.
  • Assess the damage and notify your insurance company immediately if you suspect damage. If you have a list of your home inventory be sure to provide that to your agent.
  • If necessary, make temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage, such as placing waterproof tarps over damaged sections of your roof, and cover broken windows. Keep receipts for all materials purchased.
  • Don’t dispose of damaged items until an adjuster has looked at them.
  • If you have a camera or camcorder, take photos or record a video to document damaged property.
  • Have your policy number handy when you’re ready to make your claim.
  • Provide your roofing contractor with the insurance agent’s name, telephone number and your policy number. Most insurance companies send an adjuster to look at your roof within five to seven days after you file a claim.
  • The most serious losses will be given priority, but your insurance agent will see that your needs are taken care of.
  • Set the appointment, and if your contractor wants to be present when the adjuster arrives, give him the time and date and adjuster’s name and telephone number.
  • If your claim is approved, most insurance companies send an initial check for approximately fifty percent of the claim.
  • If you have a mortgage on your home, the first check will be made out jointly to the you and the mortgage company. Contact your mortgage company and ask for the department that handles insurance claims for information on their process to get the check endorsed. Don’t sign the check until it comes back from the mortgage company in case the check gets lost in the mail. Once you receive the check back from the mortgage company, endorse it and deposit into your bank account.
  • Call your contractor when the first check comes in from the mortgage company. A downpayment is usually due when the crew arrives at the jobsite to begin the work. Keep in mind that roofing companies have to purchase your repair materials upfront and pay their employees or subcontractors weekly.
  • Upon completion, your roofing company representative may do a final inspection and go over the checklist with you. Note any items that need attention and sign the final inspection checklist. If your mortgage company has requested a final inspection, call them now.
  • The final bill will be faxed or mailed directly to the insurance company.
  • Upon receipt of the final insurance check, the invoice is due. At this point contact your roofing company to pick up the final check for the balance due.

Schedule a Roof Estimate

  • An experienced roofer with a trained eye can identify hail damage that you might have missed.
  • Schedule a time when you can be there for the inspection.
  • Ask for feedback about the claims process; share any notes you made during your initial walk-around.
  • Get a detailed, written estimate for everything. We provide free estimates with no sales pressure.
  • Ask for proof of licensing and liability insurance (we carry $2 million, more than most companies).
  • Verify the name and address of the business.
  • Ask for references. You can read more than sixty (100) of our Upstate SC references & ratings.

Schedule a free estimate.
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