Hail Damage in Spartanburg, SC

Hail Damage keeps Striking.

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You might have severe Hail Damage if you live in Spartanburg, SC.

Several neighborhoods in Spartanburg, SC has recently (July 05, 2012 & July 17, 2012) been hit by severe hail storms such as: Woodridge and other surrounding neighborhoods. Roof hail damage is not always visible, especially when looking up from the ground. As show in the image below, you can easily spot dents and dings in on both the window screen, roof vents, and ever skylights. Shingle damage shows up as random light or dark spots across the expanse of the roof where the hail has impacted. Exterior Specialists are certified & approved hail damage inspectors, working seamlessly with your insurance agency.

Hail Damage Locations in SC

Hail Damage Video in Spartanburg, SC

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